Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nethack on the iPhone

Within the last few weeks several SSH clients have popped up on the App Store. From the looks of things, none of them are really great yet and none of them are free. Regardless, yesterday I finally broke down and purchased one: TouchTerm for $2.99. Anyway, here is a screenshot of me SSHed into my laptop (from an unjailbroken iphone), playing nethack inside of a screen session. Not perfect, but not too bad:

One thing you will want to do is remove the number_pad option from /etc/nethack/nethackrc.tty or ~/.nethackrc (if it's there). This let's you move around in Nethack when your keyboard doesn't have a number pad.

Also, here's a review of the four SSH clients currently (08/22/2008) available at the app store. While the author recommends TouchTerm, I have only skimmed through it; I chose TouchTerm based on the reviews in the app store.


Ray said...

so, is it pain to type characters? :P

slashdotaccount said...

Yawn. Get an OpenMoko and then you won't need network to play nethack.

bgmerrell said...


> then you won't need network to play
> nethack.

Oh that's good since I wouldn't have EDGE, let alone 3G.

bgmerrell said...


It's not too bad, when you tap the screen the on-screen keyboard comes up, but it does take up a lot of screen space.